31 Scents of Octoberween, #30: BPAL, Mare Vaporum

Mare Vaporum

Mare VaporumThis is a very odd and ambiguous scent. There is something both cold and warm about it; the pale white sandlewood contrasts so beautifully with the oudh and golden amber, and it offers a scent which is both smoky and sweet.

This scent is part of the Lunacy line, which contains scent focused on the moon and its topographic features. This scent is about Mare Vaporum – the Sea of Vapours – which is an extremely ancient feature on the surface of the moon, and which was named by the Jesuit thinker Giovanni Battista Riccioli in 1651.

And it is a vaporous scent indeed. There is something so familiar about this, but I cannot explain what it is…something weirdly primitive – musky and comforting, a childhood nursery, baby powder, laundered sheets, a mother’s milk. And yet there’s a fireside quality hidden behind it too, aged and yet not, interminable and transient.

A spooky scent for the night before Halloween…

Disclaimer: I am not a perfume expert, nor am I sponsored by BPAL or, indeed, anyone.

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