31 Scents of Octoberween, #29: BPAL, Jezebel


Image is the cover of Biosphere's 'Departed Glories' album, which is glorious.

Image is the cover of Biosphere’s ‘Departed Glories’ album, which is glorious.

This is very feminine and sexy. On the first application, the rose comes out strongly – and I think rose is one of the florals which I can wear, which doesn’t turn to dishwasher soap. So it’s a pleasant scent, within which there’s a barest hint of Turkish delight; just a touch. Perhaps that’s the honey.

This dries down to something which is still sweet, but which has a harsher edge (appropriate, I suppose). It’s the sandalwood coming out, I think, lending it’s arboreal acridity to this fragrance. It makes it sinister, something more than a rose oudh. As my skin warms it, the sweetness of the honey returns, and with it comes the orange blossom; not a bright, disinfectant citrus, but something more powdery and soft.

It’s lovely, this, for when one wants to be womanly. But it doesn’t last on me, sadly. There’s still a vague memory of it about six hours into the wear, but I think it mostly dissipated after about two. That’s a shame, and it’s probably my skin rather than the fault of the perfume.

The clocks go back tonight, perfume lovelies. I’ll be enjoying my extra hour in bed, and might be taking Hag Musk with me so I can see whether the rumors that it’s a good sleeping scent are true. Also so I can start work on my big Halloweenies review!

Disclaimer: I am not a perfume expert, nor am I sponsored by BPAL or, indeed, anyone.

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