31 Scents of Octoberween, #26: BPAL, Sea of Glass

Sea of Glass

Sea of GlassThis scent, when first applied, is epic. In quite a genuine sense – it is unknowable, strange, almost inhuman. Cold. Aquatic. There’s something pure about it. If were pushed to give it a descriptor, I would say it was a logical smell, with a clarity of purpose. It smells of water, and of blowing glass under a high heat. Exactly what the notes claim, and I do not have the nose to distinguish individual fragrances. I wish I could.

But it fades. It fades so much, and so fast. I could not smell this on my skin within an hour. I would love for this scent to waft and change; I like the morphers, the complex scents. And I find that that doesn’t happen with aquatics – they remain one thing for most of their scent-life – on me at least.

This had potential to be something grandiose and wonderful. There is no heat here, nothing mammalian. It is alluringly alien. If it smells like this at the feet of God, then he is a cold and terrifying creature indeed.

Disclaimer: I am not a perfume expert, nor am I sponsored by BPAL or, indeed, anyone.

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