31 Scents of…October? Halloween? Who knows!?, #21: Banded Sea Snake

Banded Sea Snake

Banded Sea SnakeIt is the sweetness that lasts the longest with this…an almost cakey loveliness (probably the vanilla) that feels very much like Eat Me, but less headachily saccharine. I’ve never tried Snake Oil (though I am happy to report it came as an Imp in my Weenies order that arrived today, so I’m stoked to compare them!), so I am not sure how different this is. I can’t smell a great deal of the moss, but perhaps that’s more a sort of negative space, a scent that mitigates the candied sugar of the base scent.

It’s sticky. I just sniffed my wrists, which I last redabbed about 9am, and my nose full on stuck to them. And the scent is still here – clingy, close, but still here. Reminiscent of marzipan – perhaps Battenburg. I get little, if any, sea, here. Unless it’s seaside icecreams, tempered by hidden salt and kelp. And perhaps…perhaps that’s OK.

Disclaimer: I am not a perfume expert, nor am I sponsored by BPAL or, indeed, anyone.

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