31 Scents of October, #17: BPAL, The Dream

The Dream

The DreamYou’ll have to excuse me. I’m suffering from man-flu, and not terribly in a position to tease out all the nuances of this particular scent.

The Dream is from the same line as Two Old Men – Fleurette’s Purple Snails. Of all the Lupers I tried this year, the Fleurette scents are the ones I like the most. They’re the most interesting in terms of individual scents: each perfume is a complex and subtle mix, and The Dream is no exception.

It’s a feminine and sexy scent. The lavender is most dominant for me, and takes some time to fade. As a consequence, it’s soporific; not in a night-time sleepy way – almost more like the waking of an early morning in the summer, when you can once more cuddle into your sheets and spend two more hours in the company of Morpheus, with the light dripping, caramel, through your curtains.

Under the lavender, though, there’s something more complex which balances out this floral; is it the patchouli or the oudh, or both? I can’t tell. Either way, it makes the sleepiness of lavender into something much more sensuous and strange.

Disclaimer: I am not a perfume expert, nor am I sponsored by BPAL or, indeed, anyone.

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