31 Scents of October, #8: BPAL, The Phantom Calliope

Disclaimer: I am not a perfume expert, nor am I sponsored by BPAL or, indeed, anyone.

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The Phantom Calliope: Carnivale Diabolique

It’s dark red, this, phantasmic wine.  A glowing wrongness at the heart of a fairground. The Calliope – a compressed steam organ populated by the undead.

Here, it smells of lace and marachino – bloody cherry and despair. Entrapment. Souls caught forever in the creaking push and pull of the bellows. It glows with their expiration; the flight of spirits and bodies into the unknown which lies beyond…or that which is not.

It fades quickly, lingering only as the most delicate violet dusty powder on the skin; an eerie grin, breathing nothing but the labdanum sigh of a swansong.