31 Scents of October, #6: BPAL, Two Old Men

The picture come from Fleurette's Purple Snails, a piece of fin-de-siecle fantasy erotica

The picture come from Fleurette’s Purple Snails, a piece of fin-de-siecle fantasy erotica

Two Old Men

Imagine hot chocolate – the gloopy, thick, spiced kind – spilled onto old brown leather and left to dry. That is this smell, in essence. Whilst it has many elements, it is consistent – many I have reviewed here, particularly the last two, have been changeable (in the case of Isidore’s Phoenix, I’d almost be inclined to call it capricious), Two Old Men – which was from this years ‘Lupercalias’ – is singular in scent tone, though not in pitch. It too fades, quicker than the others, and doesn’t flare up again so much with heat. Gently, softly, it dies down to a dusky version of itself – a baby musk of milk and sweet powder. To me, it’s Black Temple Burlesque Troope’s prettier, but less sexy cousin.

Of those two, his is the one I’d take home to my parents. But I probably wouldn’t show them the bottle too closely 😉