31 Scents of October, #5: BPAL, Scherezade

Disclaimer: I am not a perfume expert, nor am I sponsored by BPAL or, indeed, anyone.

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An old imp with a leaked on label...

An old imp with a leaked on label…

It’s golden and sensuous, this one. Amber musk telling of a 1001 nights in a fabric draped, silken room, stories and tales and all of the words…evocative. Sexy. It ebbs and flows, aurelian amping under heat, drying down to a skin-clinging spice.

This is on the more conventionally feminine end of my perfume spectrum. And I love it – there is something sexy and powerful about it, a hint of danger which lingers, like the threat of immanent death. It’s womanly…with bite.

I only have an Imp and a sniffie of this, and this makes me sad. When I have gotten over my addiction to the limited edition scents, I shall be purchasing more general catalogue stuff, such as this. An underappreciated gem.