31 Scents of October, #2: BPAL, Black Pearl

Disclaimer: I am not a perfume expert, nor am I sponsored by BPAL or, indeed, anyone.

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Black Pearl

black-pearlThis is part of the Bewitching Brews series; a heady, diverse general cataloge set based on folktales, myths, modern legends, and who knows what else.

In the bottle – again, aged, gifted by a friend – there is something aquatic about this, but tempered by an almost ice-cream sweetness. When I first put it on, the sweetness dominates, almost nauseatingly so, and after a while it calms down to a dusty mixture of Parma Violets and sand. I know that this is nothing like the notes. But I do agree that this is a mysterious fragrance. Alluring, with an otherworldly femininity – sweet, but not foodie, cool and yet not really aquatic on the skin.

I can’t grasp Black Pearl, or determine if I like it – it shimmers out of reach, like skeletal seaweed. I want salt, here, and there is none, but there is something, something, tinging it sour, like a delicate fruit gone bad.