On reboots; or, how I learned to stop worrying and freewrite

Recently I became very despondent at the lack of activity here on Beyond Xanadu. It felt pointless. Unworthy. Why did I even pretend I was bothering?

It made me feel productive, but I wasn’t actually doing anything. I had a blog – that’s good, right? Yeah, but only if there’s any actual activity on it. Otherwise, what’s the point?

So I considered why there might be such a lack of action. And I think the major problem is me. I stymie myself by trying to produce essays rather than posts. Essays are for journals (for me, mostly). Posts are for posts. Neither is better or worse, but there’s a level of research and effort that goes into a journal paper that, in all honesty, I cannot put into a blog. Not if I want to post every week, or even semi-regularly, as well as writing all the other stuff I need to write.

I think the other issue is value for myself. What did I want to get out of this, aside from just yelling thoughts into the wilderness of the Internet? I wanted to get enrichment; practice at writing; to be able to examine objects and ideas in a digestible way.

As a consequence, I’m rebooting this blog. And you’re going to help me. Every week, I’m going to attempt a freewrite on a topic. Each freewrite session will take 10 minutes, and will be posted, uncensored. After that, we can have a discussion about it. Perhaps, that way, we’ll all get something out of it.

So I want you to supply me with topics. Questions, issues, ideas. Anything. But it needs to lie within the scope of cultural activity and practice – museums and literature are my topics, but art, architecture, theory and other associated areas are also welcome. There’s a contact form on the homepage, and you can use that to send them to me.

I’ll choose a topic by the Wednesday evening of every week, and post the freewrite on the Saturday.

We’ll see how this goes.