Unfolding Xanadu

Starting these things is always hard.

Do I write about the point of this blog? No, that is covered on the main page, and in any case, I hope it will grow and change. Purpose is often emergent.

Do I write about me? That’s less than interesting.

Do I, instead, write about things? The things I like, the things which interest me?


But what are those things? They are manifold. To be truthful, I am interested in the performative aspects of the everyday: or, you could call me over-analytical. Both are true.

I am interested in language, how both speech and the written word perform, how they interact with their audiences, and how and what they come to mean. I am interested in what language is, and what the philosophy of language can tell us able the other communicative aspects of life: in other words, everything that a sentient being can imagine to be meaningful and significant.

It isn’t just words which communicate, but imagery, expression, visual, aural and tactile manifestation. So I am interested in physical, embodied, and material culture: how the body is decorated and manoeuvres itself within space, how that space is enacted, decorated and performed, how objects within it are laid out expressively, rhythmically, consequentially. I am interested in written literature, comic books, museums, theatres, films, music, and games because they embody all of these communicative elements.

If I want to build a relationship with you, I have to show you the things which matter to me. So, in the coming weeks, you will be introduced, piece by piece, moment by moment, to my favourites of these things: my favourite prose, long and short, fact and fiction, my favourite poetry, comics, museums, dramas, theatrical spaces, movies, songs, sonatas, rags, and my new experiences in computer games and tabletop RPGs. After that, the blog will change, as blogs always do: but you will, at least, have a better idea of me.